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Research And Development Services

The Design and Business Solutions (DBS) focuses on the analysis, design and development of packaging solutions for the food industry.

We design and manufacture custom packaging products for the commercial and industrial sectors. Although every business has unique challenges, our goal is to help you improve efficiency and productivity, increase your customer base, and reduce costs.

Plastic Integration Solution

Plastic Integration Solution

At Ampack, our focus on studying potential packaging solutions from biology to chemistry. By brainstorming, designing multi-use solutions, integrating them into our production processes and evaluating environmental and social impacts, Ampack will create long term sustainability thermoplastics.

1. Assist in material selection based on your application.

2. Develop and formulate material of your choice.

3. Assist in product quality control.

Services include:

1. Material Migration

2. Curation of Functional Additive for Packaging Solution

3. Design of Sustainable Plastic Packaging Solution

Plastic Integration Solution
Material Science Research

Material Science Research

We try to solve the most challenging problems encountered in the process of packaging various products and materials. Our research and development services unit is focused on thermoplastics for a range of materials that enable us to modify the properties of thermoplastics.

Business Centric

  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Ease of production
  • Material handling
  • Durability
  • Quality products and performance

Environmental Centric Centric

  • Polymers that decompose safely
  • New thermoplastics that have low environmental impact
  • Development of proprietary biodegradable polymers

Services include:

1. Formulation and Processing of New Materials

2. Extrusion Technologies Development through solution focused engineering methodology


Service Overview.

1. Innovation Labs

2. Packaging Solution

3. 360 Packaging On-demand

We will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your interested 🙂

We will get back to you shortly.
Thank you for your interested 🙂